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Alrighty then!

You’ve been told so many lies.

Some are so dyed-in-the-wool and generational tribal you may never be able to let go. Breaking your programming is nigh on impossible.

Meaningful change would all but require the creation of a new political order and system.

Alrighty then!

Socialism has been systematically discredited, and vast sums have been spent to conflate socialism with communism, whilst on the far right conservatism has been allowed to nestle under the wing of fascism without any distress or resistance being expressed in the media.

However, in politics as in martial arts, those accustomed to fighting because they’ve always had to, know how to use the formidable force of a far greater opponent against them.

Thus we sidestep the onslaught of criticism that will always been brought to bear on socialism, and instead adopt the mantle of it’s near cousin Syndicalism:

:a movement for transferring the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution to workers’ unions. Influenced by Proudhon and by the French social philosopher Georges Sorel (1847–1922), syndicalism developed in French trade unions during the late 19th century and was at its most vigorous between 1900 and 1914, particularly in France, Italy, Spain, and the US.

The name of our movement is Syndicative.


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